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about hollywood and the conspiracy to pretend we're zombies, mow us down and then do that on cnn, do you get why people think you're a little touched? >> yeah. i'm going to tell you again. the army and marine corp do drills where hundreds of role players dressed up in dallas cowboy jersey and john deere hats come towards them to shoot them. these are declassified. they said, look, we'll call it zombies and say it's a joke. they're practicing in real drills not a joke, to mow down citizens, and you always dehumanize someone, the jews, others, before you kill them. you say that they're not human. they're saying we're practiceing to mow down people in u.s. cities. all those things you editing it out 15 minutes on air. i said all that on purpose. i said all that to get people out of their transso they would hear the brutal truth. let me expand on this. when "jaws" came out in the 1970s, on average i looked it up. there were five great white shark killings from australia to the west coast to the united states worldwide, south africa, on average it's five. that movie made people not go swimmin
saying their prosecution wasn't too harsh. cnn has more details into the story. >> with prosecutors pressing serious charges schwartz hanged himself friday. his lawyer said he doesn't know what put him over the edge, but the notion of prison time had him deeply worried. >> i know this case was weighing heavily on his mind and was a significant source of stress. >> he was indicted on charges of stealing academic articles from m.i.t. he could have gone to prison for 35 years along with a million dollar fine. >> the family put out a statement: >> cenk: that's strong language, but it gets even stronger at his funeral. his father said: very tough language indeed, but if my son had died in that same fashion my guess is that my anger would be equivalent to that, so we certainly feel their pain. let me bring in david segal executive director of demand progress, where they worked with aaron. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. glad to see you even if the circumstances are pretty terrible he. >> cenk: no question about that. well first tell us about what role aaron played in deman
on cnn. >> the law requires the release of this information and it's more important to follow our laws that it gives access to information to what our government is doing than to say that we're not going to allow the american people know what the government is doing because it will upset the terrorists. we should follow the law and blame the terrorist it is they do anything inappropriate. but we should not throw out the laws because the terrorists don't like the result as soon. >> cenk: i can't believe i'm going to say i agree. three panel judges were asked they said they have not decided but it doesn't look good on initial looking into the case. quote they're telling us it is a risk that americans will die if we release these documents. when the government tells us that this is likely to lead to death, shouldn't we defer to that even more when they say that it will result in the release of secret information? no you're a judge. your job is not to defer to the executive branch, if they say so, it must be true. this is how they're keeping so many people secret from people they're suppos
if necessary. >> cenk: they mentioned in that cnn documentary they mention there may be 12 or 20--do you know how many doctors perform abortions in mississippi two. that is it. one of them is dr. willie parker. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, cenk, for having me. >> cenk: now, you actually live in illinois, and go all the way down to mississippi to do this. why do you do that? >> well, cenk, i recently relocated here in d.c. to illinois, but i began to travel to mississippi primarily because i believe it's the woman's fundamental right to have access to abortion care. in my opinion abortion healthcare. being from the south i grew up in birmingham, alabama. it became clear to me that there was one clinic in the state of mississippi, and given that it's a woman's right between her and her healthcare provider, there was one clinic and at that time one doctor providing services led me to being committed to traveling to mississippi to serve the women from my region of the country because without access to providers who provide the care, roe v. wade means nothing if there is
of what they're doing inside. there's a new book. cnn recently featured it here. >> lawrence wright if his new book "going clear." he put scientology under a microscope. he focuses on scientology's obsession with celebrities. it delves into the tight relationship between tom cruise. researching and writing the book, he found travolta had a troubled relationship with the church threatened to be outed as a gay. wright follows the leader, at times using physical violence to get his way and punish subordinates. >> cenk: but there are a ton of celebrities who are scientologists. the list goes on. every time i see that list, i get a little disappointed. some of those guys are awesome actors that i really love. i'm not a believer in any of the religions, so, but this one is troubled in some ways, in rewards to the controversies. nowen oh the other hand, they do have 8 million members estimated worldwide. through their large networks of corporations, they've got about $500 million in annual revenue. i want to bring in somebody who knows a thing or two about this religion the great grandson of the
. >> cenk: netanyahu's party is down to 31 seats because partly the new party that cnn was mentioning has picked up 19 seats. they were just in existence starting last year. that is amazing. well who is their leader? yair lapid. >> we are the period of israeli middle class the old fashioned tax payers who served in the army and afterwards worked hard all their life, paying high tax and see that they cannot afford an apartment for their children, the cost of living is going up, there is nothey're becoming more frustrated with the way things are going on here. >> cenk: person here to talk about that is david seagull representing the southwestern united states. thank you for joining us, david. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: let's talk about the results of the election and the ramifications it will have. was it more in your opinion about domestic politics or more about foreign politics? >> it was. it was more about domestic politics in israel, the cost of living, cost of housing political reform. yair lapid representative of the middle class is the rising player in the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)